It’s time to take a break from work, your family, or whatever is bothering
you. Or maybe you just want to have some fun online. Whatever it is,
we have a great line-up of Stress Busters, time killers and just plain fun
things that we know you will enjoy. Do a puzzle, go sight seeing, watch
funny videos and more. Whatever is bugging you, we’ll take your mind
off of it. Don’t forget to add this page to your favorites (Ctrl+D) so that
you can come back whenever you need a pick-me-up. Now go have some

Kill Some Time

Here they are. Try one or try them all. We are sure you will find
something to make you smile. Note: Any downloads list here are
completely safe and have all been tested and used on our own
computers. Our goal is for you to enjoy them as we have. There is no
Spyware and Mouse Runner runs no software to access your computer,

Anne Geddes Photography

More than 100 Anne Geddes baby pictures available as a slideshow,
download and screensaver.

Free Games

Checkout Gametime containing hundreds of free games to play. A sure
way to escape the day and have fun.

Free Puzzles

Free Computer Jigsaw Puzzles to download and play whenever you
choose. Puzzle choices include, Scenic, Movies, Nature, Kids and more.
They’re allot of fun and very therapeutic.

Virtual Bubble Wrap

Now who doesn’t like to pop those bubbles? Try the online version.

Stress, The Game

This cool little program let’s you get out your aggressions on your
desktop by smashing, shooting, stamping and more. Very simple and


Play the classic Simon game by repeating the colors.

Create A Website

One of the reasons for creating this website was to kill time during the
winter. Now it has become a bigger project than planned but it is pure
fun and very therapeutic. You can create a website about and for
anything. Start an online business, sell your crafts or create one about
and for your family. Whatever it is, it’s a great hobby that can be
lucrative if you want. Try a free one or get the best through Yahoo!
(which is who we use)

Fun Links

These are links outside of Mouse Runner that we have found to be fun
and enjoyable.

Google Maps

This is actually more fun than it sounds. Go to google maps and select
satellite view. Then enter any address in the U.S. and see it from a
birds eye view. See your home from above. Checkout the Space Needle
or a football stadium. See the home where you grew up. This really is a
fun time killer.

  • While researching this site, I found that I ended up spending about 20
  • minutes at it. There are some really cool and fascinating optical
  • illusions that you’ll enjoy. Despite the amount of ads (hey, they have to
  • pay the bills) I recommend it as a great stress buster and fun site that
  • will definitely take your mind of off things.

You can spend hours at and not get bored. It’s definitely a
great site with many links that will entertain you, make you laugh and
forget about your troubles. Some of their network sites are listed below.

Listen to calming sounds of nature, ocean waves and more while you
surf or view their matching pictures.

This is a cool little site that lets you control your own fireworks show.
Simply click anywhere on the sky that you want your fireworks to go off
and watch the show.

Type in a detailed description of a dream that you’ve had and see the
meaning. I tested it with “I was flying through a snowstorm eating
grapefruit” and the interpretation was interesting. I of course had no
such dream.

Also see,

Find out what your dreams mean by using this online Dreams Dictionary.

View the rules of calling shotgun for the front seat.

Very large list of oxymoron’s (contradictory words), like silent scream
and pretty ugly.

Online Etch-A-Sketch

The classic toy that you played as a kid can now be played online. Just
like the real thing.

Poke The Bunny

Sounds mean but it’s quite funny. Keep poking the bunny. Hit refresh to
play again.

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